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The Carever Vission

Redefine how we age!

Carever is a One Stop Shop for the “New Old” and their families in a global community, expediting transition to home care by leveraging the global gig economy

Our solution

  • Enable independence, control & bring back fun in life for the Aged
  • Peace of mind for their families
  • Create connections & communities
  • Empower a new profession

Go online or download the app and Carever
will redefine how we age!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I create an account as a Customer or as a Carer?
    Creating an account with Carever is quite quick and easy. You should register the account first, providing all the valid and up-to-date details. Then as a Customer, you can just log in using your username and password. As a Carer, you will need to upload your valid documents that confirm your identity (Passport or Driver's Licence), Certificate or Diploma confirming your area of expertise, AFP Certificate, and a Medical Certificate. Carer, get your documents ready prior to signing up. After uploading your documents, please wait for your registration confirmation by the Carever team. As soon as your account is verified, then you are ready to log in using your set username and password! Both Carers and Customers can sign up using their Google or Facebook accounts. Head to homepage and press 'Sign up' to start your journey!
  • What types of tasks can be done in Carever community?
    You can browse a Category and Subcategory for the types of tasks to be done. You can also suggest a new category to Carever team if required. Just simply press 'Contact us' at the bottom of the homepage and tell us about your ideas.
  • Who is a Customer?
    A Customer is a person who can request a task to be completed via posting and publishing it on the website or by browsing a preferred Carer for task completion. Note! In order to post a task, a Customer will need to become a Carever member.
  • Who is a Carer?
    A person who can complete tasks in the area of their expertise within Carever community can become a Carer!
  • How to Re-Quote as a Carer?
    Step 1. Browse an available task Step 2. Go to details Step 3. Press 'Accept with a different price'. Provide your preferred quote for the task and explain the reason for re-quoting. Step 4. Wait for a Customer to Accept or Reject your submitted quote. Hope this helps.